Gunfight on Europa Station eARC is now available!

For those of you who don’t know: an eARC (Electronic Advance Reader Copy) is a prerelease version of a book. It’s often available even before editing is finished. Baen Books has a lot of impatient fans who want… Read More

Dictation Trail Episode 1. Awake on Mars

Welcome to the first episode of Dictation Trail! The future doesn’t just happen… Somebody has to build it!(A Blue Collar Space series) Discover danger and intrigue across the Solar System in the worlds of The Last Dance (#1… Read More

The Nuclear Salt Water Reactor

The Nuclear Salt Water Rocket – Possibly the Craziest Rocket Engine Ever Imagined. – YouTube

The Instant Story Show: The Time Courier

Besides Dictation Trail (dictating while I’m on the treadmill), I also enjoy The Instant Story Show: Live, improvised dictation based on story prompts from the audience. Here’s a session from last year, a story I call The Time… Read More

Larry’s Favoritest Place

This is Larry in his favoritest place ever: the big bed! The boys aren’t allowed in this bedroom all the time. (There’s a medical alert in there, and sometimes they trigger it.) So when I do let them… Read More

Dress Rehearsal for Dictation Trail

On Dictation Trail, I dictate 50 words per minute on my Exerpeutic treadmill. I get 3,000 or more words and I burn 500+ calories. I plan to dictate these sessions live on Zoom so you can see my Blue Collar Space stories in their… Read More

Intelligent Materials

This will blow your mind! Beyond 3D printing…

Building the Future – Soon!

Futuristic astronaut girl in space suit and planet

Kindle Vella is a new Amazon program for serial fiction: stories told in small chapters, where you as the reader can decide whether to buy and read the next chapter. It’s optimized for busy people reading on mobile… Read More

Boop Kitty!

This is Jerry, my Boop Kitty. He likes to curl up in the crook of my arm, sometimes on his back. He reaches up gently and boops my nose. I don’t have any boop pictures, because reaching for… Read More

National Comics Publications, Inc. v. Fawcett Publications, Inc.

C. C. Beck - Cover from Whiz Comics #2, February 1940

Writers should know that ideas can’t be copyrighted, only the tangible expression of those ideas. The words of a story. The notes of a song. The lines of a drawing. If those are substantially similar in the eyes… Read More