About Luca Oleastri and “Space Station and Shuttle”

One of my favorite science fiction images is “Space Station and Shuttle” by Luca Oleastri of Rotwang Studio. It echoes 2001: A Space Odyssey, of course, but with a modern look. It’s nostalgic and futuristic at the same time.

Luca is one of my favorite artists working in science fiction today. He has illustrated books and magazines in his native Italy, the USA, and other international markets. You can find his portfolio here.

Luca did the full wraparound cover art and layout for Blue Collar Space. This is the front cover:

He started with his “Space Station and Shuttle” image, re-rendered it to work better as a wraparound, selected all fonts, and laid out all front and back cover text and devices. The result is very impressive, a book I’m proud to show off. I have seen readers walk past my booth at a convention, stop, and come back to get a closer look at that book. That is an effective cover.

This is a cover I made myself for my short story Not Another Vacuum Story. The art is Luca’s picture “Cosmonaut”.

A recurring motif in my Blue Collar Space stories is airlocks. That’s where the story divides between safety and danger, planning and action. Luca’s picture perfectly captured that theme.

This is a cover I commissioned from Luca for a future project. (Top secret, for now!)

Luca’s rates are reasonable, his work is professional, and I find him very easy to work with. I recommend him to art directors everywhere!

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