Today I Remember

And Other Tributes

In Today I Remember, Martin L. Shoemaker—award-winning author of Today I Am Carey and The Last Dance—shares stories written as tributes to the people who inspired him in his life and his writing.

  • A circus acrobat relives tragedy and triumph
  • Leonardo da Vinci’s greatest creation exceeds even his vision
  • A manager must save a space colony from starvation
  • An Alzheimer’s patient and her android caretaker experience life through her delusions
  • A girl must keep her father alive after an accident on the Moon
  • A Lunar rescue squad races to find a lost transport ship
  • A vampire’s assistant must help him to face the great detective
  • A young man in Nigeria talks with the spirit of the wood
  • A dying patient volunteers for an experiment with unforeseen side-effects
  • A teacher must teach her students to survive the wreck of their spaceship
  • A young law student returns to Haiti to rescue his dead grandfather from the Bokor

Each story begins with an explanation of how it came to be and who inspired it. These are some of Martin’s best stories—and best memories.

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