Time Travel Tales

From rampaging Tyrannosauruses to an army of duplicate versions of your future self, time travel is a genre where anything is possible.

This anthology contains new time travel short stories, mixed with some of the best stories published this century, including New York Times best sellers, Nebula and Hugo nominated writers and winners, as well as some new talented authors (though, in our timeline they’re already best sellers).

Edited by Zach Chapman. Stories by Brian Trent, Catherine Wells, Sean Williams, Stewart C Baker, Robert Silverberg, HL Fullerton, Auston Habershaw, Brenda Anderson, SL Huang, Tony Pi, Steve Simpson, K Kazul Wolf, Rasheedah Phillips, Martin L Shoemaker, Alter Reiss, David Steffen, John A Frochio, Alisa Alering, Desmond Warzel, and Rosemary Claire Smith.

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