Final Frontier

A Sci-fi Celebration of the Indomitable Spirit That Carried Humanity to the Moon Paperback

Strap yourself in for the adventure of our generation!

50 years after the moon landings, the commercialization of space travel is finally here, but do we still know how to dream? Final Frontier recalls the heady thrill of the Apollo era and glimpses wonders yet to come. Inside, find a dozen uplifting stories of humor, tragedy, sacrifice and good old fashioned cussedness by today’s award-winning authors–plus a healthy dose of optimism. All that, plus a forward by a NASA astronaut and a piece by Spider Robinson, inspired by Robert Heinlein and set to music by David Crosby of Crosby, Stills & Nash. The Final Frontier is open for business!

Includes 5 award-winning stories!


  • Spider Robinson
  • Stanley G. Love
  • Mike Barretta
  • Marianne J. Dyson
  • Sean Monaghan
  • K. B. Rylander
  • Matthew S. Rotundo
  • Ronald D. Ferguson
  • Martin L. Shoemaker
  • Nancy Fulda
  • Philip A. Kramer
  • David D. Levine
  • Patrick Lundrigan
  • David Walton
  • C. Stuart Hardwick

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