Larry and Jerry

These are my boys, Larry and Jerry. They’re named for two of my writing mentors, Larry Niven and the late Jerry Pournelle. They keep my life interesting. Now they can keep my blog interesting.

  • Larry Loves the Explosion Bath Mat August 23, 2021Larry Loves the Explosion Bath Mat
    And he loves to drag it around. He can’t just lie on it, he has to pick the right spot.
  • Larry’s Favoritest Place August 19, 2021Larry's Favoritest Place
    This is Larry in his favoritest place ever: the big bed! The boys aren’t allowed in this bedroom all the time. (There’s a medical alert in there, and sometimes they trigger it.) So when I do let them in, Larry rushes up onto the bed and makes himself comfortable.
  • Boop Kitty! August 18, 2021Boop Kitty!
    This is Jerry, my Boop Kitty. He likes to curl up in the crook of my arm, sometimes on his back. He reaches up gently and boops my nose. I don’t have any boop pictures, because reaching for the camera would make him stop. But here are more pictures of him relaxing.
  • While I’m Deep in Code… August 4, 2021While I’m Deep in Code…
    …the boys are hard at work!
  • Jerry Takes the High Ground August 4, 2021Jerry Takes the High Ground
    Jerry loves to be up high. Larry doesn’t go up there that often.
  • Pay Attention To Me! August 3, 2021Pay Attention To Me!
  • Isn’t It a Tough Life? July 29, 2021Isn’t It a Tough Life?
    Larry sleeping on the DVD shelves.
  • Two great things that don’t go together… July 28, 2021Two great things that don’t go together…
    Cats love boxes. Cats love to chase laser pointers. But they refused to chase the dot into the box.
  • Cat test July 28, 2021Cat test
    Testing cat pics from my phone… Larry Jerry
  • Cat test July 28, 2021Cat test
    Testing my ability to post cat pics from my phone. This is Larry… …and this is Jerry.

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