Lost and Found

A Romance Anthology

Romance stories from today, yesterday, and in the future; from this world and beyond. Bestselling authors Rosanne Bittner, Diana Lloyd, and friends invite you to discover love that has been lost and found again in this collection of sweet, spicy, and hot romances.

  • Thimbleful by Diana Lloyd: When Franz Frederick Fitzjohn meets Alice Ashdown at the end of his own gun, having found her rummaging through his carriage, he is intrigued learning that she collects adventures and becomes a willing participant.
  • The Promise of Spring by Diana Stout: When widow Janet reluctantly accepts John’s offer to drive her home from her matchmaking friend’s party because of the snowstorm outside, she discovers more than that he’s a widower who has just moved into her apartment building.
  • Let the Music Guide You by Jae Vel: Ava Fuentes left her music career and dream behind, never touching her guitar again so that she could take care of her younger brother, Steve, when their parents died in an accident. Now, five years later, how can she refuse his request that she play for a special family event that includes interacting with Noah Hill, a drummer who becomes a reminder of everything she once gave up.
  • An Affair of the Mind by K D Norris: This story follows the relationship between Emperor Ichijō, who reigned from 986 to 1011, and a court poetess, the married Lady Murasaki, whose stories subtly reflect the Emperor’s privileged, decadent but often dangerous world.
  • Long Lost Friend by Lisa Campeau: When Ryan moves away as a child, it breaks Bridget’s heart. Twenty years later, they’re reconnected where she must forgive what he took from her. After dating and falling in love, he tells her he’s been offered a job where he must move away. Can she withstand losing him all over again?
  • The Duck Docket by Martin L Shoemaker: Divorce attorney Kate Voss, on her way to work and stalled in traffic, finds herself participating in a rescue search for lost ducklings because Tim, the attractive bus driver ahead of her, hit and may have injured their mother. All the ducks found, wishing she had more time to get to know him, she heads to the courtroom. When Tim enters with the ducks, accidentally releasing them, chaos rules. Can order be restored in the courtroom, let alone to her heart?
  • The Gift of Fire by Natalia Baird: A science fantasy reincarnation leads Nic on a romantic search for the perfect partner to raise several children for a past unreconciled. Once successful in this deed, she knows that she’s obligated to leave for her next life. She meets Damyl, a perfect match, a man who threatens her resolve. Will true love prevail, or will Nic answer the call of duty and break both their hearts?
  • Whittled Promises by Patricia Kiyono: Based on The Orphan Trains that took orphans to families west of New York City, this story is about two children, Vinnie Martinelli, 14, and Ellie Brown, 11, who become friends in a New York City orphanage and reconnect unknowingly in southwest Michigan eleven years later with changed names.
  • Trouble Rides a Fast Horse by Rosanne Bittner: Teenager Jackie is distraught that her best friend is going to date her secret crush. When her grandmother tells stories about the lost loves of her own grandmother, mother, and herself, Jackie learns how all of their individual prayers were answered.

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