Help Me Choose My Next Tie!

Now that contracts have been signed, I’m honored to announce that Analog Science Fiction and Fact will be publishing my story “Uncle Roy’s Computer Repair and Used Robot Parts”!

As is my habit when I make a major story sale, I’m going to celebrate with a new tie from Cyberoptix Tie Lab in Detroit, maker of TIES THAT DON’T SUCK! But this time I need your help choosing the right tie. “Uncle Roy’s Computer Repair and Used Robot Parts” is a story about a robotics engineer who retires to the small town where his wife grew up and discovers that there’s a lot more going on here than he realized. I think of this story as Doc Hollywood with robots.

So I’ve perused the Cyberoptix catalog and selected a few ties with an engineering theme, plus one with a farming theme. Which one would you choose?

4 Comments on “Help Me Choose My Next Tie!

  1. I like the black one next to the green one. Robots are more than their circuit boards. If the gears don’t work, the robot doesn’t.

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