Dictation Trail Episode 4. Broken Ground

Welcome to the third episode of Dictation Trail!

The future doesn’t just happen… Somebody has to build it!
(A Blue Collar Space series)

Discover danger and intrigue across the Solar System in the worlds of The Last Dance (#1 science fiction eBook on Amazon for October 2019), The Last Campaign (2020 AudioFiles Earphones award), and Blue Collar Space. On Mars, on the Moon, on Earth, in Jupiter orbit, and in between, pioneers and engineers build new lives while hostile enemies and the hazards of space try to kill them.

In this fourth episode, Mars reporter Pat Knighton and the rest of his Martian Survival School team make camp in a new territory. Plus Q&A from the audience, including an excellent suggestion from Colleen Lawler.

(You may notice that tonight’s video is smaller, 640×360. I figure nobody needs to watch me walk in HiDef, and it takes more than twice as long to produce and publish the larger video.)

Links to authors, artists, musicians, and products mentioned in the video…

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