The Last Campaign Wins the AudioFiles Earphones Award!

The Last Campaign won an AudioFiles Earphones award! Congratulations, Rebecca Mozo! And thank you for bringing Rosalia to life.

Dispelling the Myths of Nuclear Energy

(Live Lecture) Simple, common-sense facts about nuclear energy.

About Blue Collar Science

The motto of Blue Collar Space is: The future doesn’t just happen… Somebody has to build it. That’s going to take grand, audacious science and engineering, which I find very exciting! This is a page to collect some… Read More

Write What You Don’t Know

A Student of the University of British Columbia studying for final exams.

“Write what you know” is trite advice. It’s a good example of my Tools, Not Rules philosophy: it’s useful to draw from what you know to inspire your writing (indeed, I think it’s unavoidable); but you shouldn’t limit… Read More

Chef Salad from Perfect Pizza

If the pizza is perfect at Perfect Pizza in Hopkins MI (and it’s pretty good!), what’s better than perfect? The Chef Salad. That’s a large, which by itself is enough for two or more meals. The vegetables are… Read More

While I’m Deep in Code…

…the boys are hard at work!

Power Up Your Writing!

by Grand Rapids Region Writers Group (GRRWG) Join us as multi-published authors Alex Kourvo and Lara Zielin show us how to Power Up Your Writing! Sign up at eventbrite! About this event Ticket price ($40 for GRRWG members,… Read More

Jerry Takes the High Ground

Jerry loves to be up high. Larry doesn’t go up there that often.

Dictation Trail Opens Soon!

I have some details to work out yet; but soon I’ll be hosting live dictation sessions from Dictation Trail, my “recording studio”.

Pay Attention To Me!