Building the Future – Soon!

Building the Future - Featuring "Futuristic astronaut girl in space suit and planet" by Luca Oleastri
Building the Future – Featuring “Futuristic astronaut girl in space suit and planet” – Illustration 102752911 © Luca Oleastri |

Kindle Vella is a new Amazon program for serial fiction: stories told in small chapters, where you as the reader can decide whether to buy and read the next chapter. It’s optimized for busy people reading on mobile devices, though it’s also available on desktops. The first three chapters in each book are free. After that, you can unlock additional chapters with tokens that you buy from Amazon.

Some authors are writing Vella novels in serial format, where each chapter is an episode in a larger story, ending on a hook or cliffhanger to entice you to unlock the next chapter.

I plan to use Vella for a different approach: Building the Future, stories from Blue Collar Space. This is the universe of The Last Dance, The Last Campaign, and (of course) Blue Collar Space. Rather than a single story, you’ll experience stories of many characters in many corners of the Solar System. Sometimes their paths will cross, and sometimes their stories will be too large for a single chapter. You’ll have to read them to find out!

(And with a little luck, I plan to dictate these stories live on Dictation Trail. Follow my blog to find out how you can watch!)

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