Gunfight on Europa Station eARC is now available!

For those of you who don’t know: an eARC (Electronic Advance Reader Copy) is a prerelease version of a book. It’s often available even before editing is finished. Baen Books has a lot of impatient fans who want to read the new book now, rather than waiting for release. They’re willing to pay to get the eBook early.

Now the eARC for Gunfight on Europa Station is ready! If you liked The Last Campaign and you want to know what Rosalia is up to now, you’ll want this book!

Plus you’ll get stories from Elizabeth Moon, Alan Dean Foster, Jane Lindskold, Wil McCarthy, Gini Koch, Cat Rambo with J.R. Martin, Alastair Mayer, Alex Shvartsman, Patrick Swenson, and Michael L. Haspil. Edited by David Boop (Straight Outta Tombstone).

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