Praise for Martin’s Work

Today I Am Carey

A dazzling ride through the near future. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I’ve never seen anything remotely like it.

Jack McDevitt, Nebula Winning Author

Kindness, love, and compassion make Carey an empathetic character through which to view Shoemaker’s complex, beautiful world.

Publisher’s Weekly

Martin Shoemaker proves conclusively that while a science fiction novel must have the trappings of science fiction, it is at its strongest when it is about people, even an artificial (but emotional) person named Carey.

Mike Resnick, Hugo Award-Winning Author

The novel’s deep compassion for its characters—human and robot alike—helps underscore the sadder or more intense moments. When you’ve seen Carey and his human companions at their best, watching them struggle together—Carey is forced to deliver Millie’s child amid a terrible car accident, and must later watch as its friends and family grow older and more inform while it… does not—is all the more powerful. The drama in this novel, then, comes not so much from the realm of the science-fictional, but from the drama and tension of life’s common moments.

Barnes & Noble

Martin Shoemaker is a rare writer who can handle the challenges of dealing with future technology while touching the human heart. This is a must-read!

David Farland, New York Times Best-selling Author

Carey’s journey, in essence, is that of all sapient creatures: how to discover and employ one’s heart and mind for maximum self-fulfillment while at the same time sharing one’s gifts with those we love. Androids do scheme for a well-earned sleep.

Locus Magazine

This exploration of artificial life in the vein of Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot provides fresh insight into the human experience. Recommended for all fans of sf and novels set in a near future.

Library Journal

In choosing to tell this story from the point of view of the android, Martin Shoemaker has accomplished an extraordinary thing–as you read the words, the thoughts, of the mechanical main character, you will have all the feels. You will cry. More than once. It’s an incredibly intense experience.

Future SF

Shoemaker examines the question of what it means to be alive. Despite being written about a robot, the book is about people and the meaning of individuality. Lyrically written using simple language, this story will leave readers pondering its implications.


 It’s poignant to hear Skelley’s Carey morph from android to sentient being as its programmed capacity to emulate becomes the ability to empathize. A realistic and satisfying conclusion leaves listeners hoping to meet Carey again.

AudioFile Magazine

By the end of the novel, I had fallen in love with Carey and, through his empathetic understanding of his family, I came to care for them, too. (As Paul tells Carey, “Fiction is our empathy net. It lets us understand other people and other experiences.”) There are so many touching scenes in Today I Am Carey and, at the end, which I thought was brilliant, I was in tears.

Fantasy Literature

Today I Remember

These powerful, carefully rendered tales are sure to draw in readers.

Publishers Weekly

“Bookmarked” is an exceptional example of how to discuss deep moral and philosophical issues while maintaining a tight narrative that brings the reader along. This story will be added to the required readings for my SF classes.

Robert L Turner III, Tangent Online

The Last Dance

#1 Science Fiction eBook October 2019

Amazon Author Central

Thanks to narrator Natalie Naudus’s portrayal, listeners can hear every bit of Park’s inexperience and doubt as she strives to unravel the ALDRIN’s secrets. The rest of the narrators skillfully fill in the gaps of this complex mystery. The result is one exciting ride into the dangers of space.

AudioFile Magazone

The Last Campaign

Mozo excels with the many accents and riveting descriptions, and listeners will feel like they are by Rosalia’s side as she personally takes on daily challenges. Discussions with her and her police squad are fascinating and intimate. Audio is the optimal choice for this matchless story, which relies heavily on dialogue. S.G.B. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award

AudioFile Magazine

The wonders and dangers of living in space are grounded in the grit of Martian sand and the procedural mysteries that could just as easily have taken place on Earth as in space. This is smart, subtle speculative fiction.

Publishers Weekly

The strong, symbiotic couple entering this intense and unpredictable environment will delight sf readers and drama fans alike.

Library Journal

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