Making Story Models

The cover for Making Story Models

Stories aren’t software—or are they?

In my day job, I’m an expert and teacher on software modeling: understanding what customers want, what they really need, what we can do about it, and what could go wrong.

In my night job, I write stories about characters who want things, what they secretly really need, what they do about it—and what goes wrong.

Are stories and software different? Not as much as you think…

In my forthcoming book, Making Story Models, I’ll teach you how to read and draw story models to…

  • Analyze existing stories to figure out how they work—and why they don’t.
  • Plan new stories.
  • Figure out why you’re stuck in your story.

A picture can launch a thousand words. Come learn how.

Making Story Models at Fyrelite!

Making Story Models will be part of the Fyrelite one-day online conference on January 15, 2022.

The cost is $99 for a half-day class. Hurry! The class is limited to 24 students.

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