The Future is Nigh

A treasury of science fiction & fantasy. Ten international award-winning authors. Ten fabulous stories. One must-read anthology.Lab rats on the run? Got ‘em. Alien pets? Check. Rocket borne dreams? Roger. Serlingesque kismet? Weird causality loops? All that’s here,… Read More

Time Travel Tales

From rampaging Tyrannosauruses to an army of duplicate versions of your future self, time travel is a genre where anything is possible. This anthology contains new time travel short stories, mixed with some of the best stories published… Read More

Writers of the Future Volume 31

The Best New Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year 2015 Best Science Fiction and alien anthology, Publisher’s Weekly Science Fiction Best Seller The future is here…the future is now!  Orson Scott Card, Kevin J. Anderson and Larry… Read More

Year’s Best Military and Adventure SF 4

The Year’s Best Military and Adventure SF series roars into its fourth year, with more stories of derring-do, military combat, and edge of your seat suspense. Thrilling tales of grand science fiction adventure and military action. Selected from… Read More

Weird World War III

Haunted Cold War Visions! TALES OF THE WAR THAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN What if the United States had gone to war with the Soviet Union? What if these rival superpowers had fought on land, sea, air, and the… Read More

On Being a Dictator

Using Dictation to Be a Better Writer (from the Million Dollar Writing Series) – With Kevin J. Anderson Tired of being stuck in a chair behind a desk? Do you want to write more without sacrificing your health… Read More

Surviving Tomorrow

A Charity Anthology Surviving Tomorrow is a charity anthology of stories about everyday people living through extraordinary, history changing times. Facing societal collapse or personal tragedy, some may lose who they are, some will suffer greatly… all will… Read More

Today I Remember

And Other Tributes In Today I Remember, Martin L. Shoemaker—award-winning author of Today I Am Carey and The Last Dance—shares stories written as tributes to the people who inspired him in his life and his writing. A circus… Read More

Gunfight at Europa Station

Coming November 2, 2021! ALL-NEW STORIES TAKE THE WILD, WILD WEST TO THE FINAL FRONTIER An actual wagon train to space? Gunslinging cowpokes riding in rickety rocketships? What isn’t possible when you mix science fiction and Westerns? The… Read More

Blue Collar Space

The future doesn’t just happen…Somebody has to build it. Martin L. Shoemaker, award-winning author of “Today I Am Paul”, presents stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary work. Planning, exploring, constructing… living and growing and dying… across the Solar… Read More