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Blue Collar Space

Blue Collar Space is the name for Martin’s series of near-space, near-future hard science fiction stories. These stories are set on Luna, on Mars, in Jupiter orbit, and everywhere in between. It includes the award-winning stories “Scramble” (second place, Jim Baen Memorial Short Story Award, 2012), “Unrefined” (third place, Writers of the Future, 2014), and “Racing to Mars” (first place, Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact Analytical Laboratory award, 2016), as well as numerous other short stories, novelettes, and novellas. His novella “Murder on the Aldrin Express” was reprinted in Year’s Best Science Fiction: Thirty-First Annual Collection.

Martin Shoemaker’s ‘‘Black Orbit’’ is more conventional Analog adventure, and a very good example of such, with an internal affairs spy in the Jupiter system uncovering evidence of criminal activity, and having to find a way to get that information back to Earth, even if she dies, even despite the harsh reality of orbital mechan­ics. Add in some nice speculation about the ‘‘trust economy,’’ and about AIs with minds of their own, and you have a really solid story. — Rich Horton, Locus Online

Today I Am Paul

“Today I Am Paul” is the story of an android who cares for an elderly Alzheimer’s patient. As part of its care, it pretends to be members of her family who have come to visit. In this way, it learns the ways the disease affects the whole family, not just the patient.

This premise, the android caretaker for a patient with dementia, has become quite common, but this one is particularly well done and effective at showing the human complications of coping with this dread disease, against which we can’t ever win. The conclusion is a melancholy one. – Lois Tilton, Locus Online

This story was nominated for a 2015 Nebula award, and was awarded the Washington Science Fiction Association Small Press Award. It has been reprinted in four different best-of-year anthologies, and it has been translated into seven languages.

Clarkesworld #107, the first appearance of “Today I Am Paul”

Year’s Best Science Fiction: Thirty-Third Annual Collection. This is the first of four best-of-year collections to include “Today I Am Paul”.

The Best Science Fiction of the Year Volume 1. This is the second of four best-of-year collections to include “Today I Am Paul”.

The Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy 2016. This is the third of four best-of-year collections to include “Today I Am Paul”.

The Year’s Top Ten Tales of Science Fiction 8. This audio book and eBook is the fourth of four best-of-year collections to include “Today I Am Paul”.

This collection of popular stories includes “Today I Am Paul”.

Includes a German translation of “Today I Am Paul”.

This charity anthology contains “Today I Am Santa Claus”, the never-before-seen sequel to “Today I Am Paul”!

This collection of 2015 Nebula-nominated fiction includes “Today I Am Paul”!

Reprints “Murder on the Aldrin Express”, the first Carver & Aames story. Misanthropic space captain Nick Aames tries his best to hide from his passengers on the return voyage from Mars, until accusations arise that one of the Mars explorers was murdered. Meanwhile Chief Anson Carver also avoids a passenger: Tracy Wells, his former fiancée… and a suspect in the murder!

“Unrefined” tells what happens when the visionary dies, and his wife and his best friend must keep his dream alive in order to save their space colony.

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