Two Birds with One Stone

This is a test of the dictation accuracy of my new microphone in my recorder while working on my treadmill. I turn the treadmill on and I start walking at the low low-speed of .4 mph let’s bring that up to 1 mph.
I am now walking at 1 mile per hour, my measured pulse rate is 88, and I have been walking for 40 seconds. Pulse rate is climbing to 100, and up.
Let’s pick the speed up a little bit: up to 1 1/2 mph. I wonder how the accuracy is for my transcription here.

And now let’s add some elevation. I am at 5% incline. Has this affected the accuracy at all? I would think that speed might, but I’m not sure that elevation would, unless it affected my footfalls.
My pulses heading up to 130, let’s add some speed.
I am now at 2 miles per hour. How is this affecting the accuracy of the transcription? Despite the increased speed, my pulse rate is bouncing and still in the 130 range. And I have been walking on the treadmill for three minutes, 0.07 miles.
In the treadmill estimates that I have earned 9 cal. With my pulse rate now at 140. Let’s add a little incline: 10%. In my pulse rate is actually slightly dropped. Hovering between 136 and 139.
If this accuracy is acceptable, I can put in double time: get a workout and burn some calories, while telling some fiction. Let’s hope so!
Little more speed 2 1/2 mph. A of my pulse rate is down. Now hovering between 133 and 137. 22 cal burned, now 23, at five minutes: and 30 seconds.
Go to 3 mph. Pulse is now in the 135 to 139 range. I imagine that this point, my breathing is an issue for the transcription. Right, so they back down to 2.5, because I was starting to feel like I was going to fall behind.
And down to 2 miles per hour. In one quarter of a mile! I’m back down to 2 miles an hour, with my incline still at 10%. At eight minutes, I burned 43 cal. My pulse rate back down in the 129 to 130 range, sometimes up to 132.
I think I will cut this off in the 10 minute mark, which is a little over a minute away. This will be a good start, an excellent start if the transcription works. Let’s push that elevation up to 15 finished the walk, and 30 seconds left to finish it back at 3 mph. 3 mph and 15% actually shakes the treadmill. The good thing it’s time to stop right now 50 cal and 10 minutes of transcription

Edited to add: I also tried dictating on a hike through my neighborhood, to the local convenience store and back. The results were abominable, unusable. I couldn’t make sense of them at all. And on top of that, I ended up with a tick crawling up my leg!

Score: Great Outdoors 0, Great Indoors 1. I’ll take the treadmill!

Additional edit: My microphone may have popped out during that hike. I would run another test, but… Ticks…

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