Why I Can’t QUITE Use Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Recordings from My Jeep (But It’s Getting Close!)

Note: I didn’t record this for Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I recorded it for human transcription by iDictate.com. That means I didn’t speak my punctuation like Dragon expects; and that means this is one heck of a run-on sentence!

But since this was my first test of my new noise canceling microphone while recording in my Jeep, I thought I would give Dragon a shot at it. I am pleasantly surprised. It’s still not good enough for my purposes, but it’s a lot closer. This is not gibberish. You can almost make sense of it. (And if you try really hard, you can get spoilers for my work in progress!) So maybe… If I can find a better microphone…

That was Clive Jones of the Sun-Times and I decided that dad was right free champagne for this case free breakfast opens doors and it would certainly open mind the note on the breakfast included a cell phone number I called that your Jones lobby downstairs and I called them up was just enjoying some orange juice when the knock came at my door and I opened up to let Jones and five Jones I said he nodded and Aaron shooter course yes I said Mr. shooter notes that I’d like to talk to you about the events in dread cotton this weekend and you a delightful calling card that I’m just enjoying here you don’t mind Nancy eat I’d be happy to talk Jones sat in the easy chair while I sat at the desk at that the small table I looked at the breakfast eggs Benedict, toast coffee and orange juice I was hungry but would you like some Mr. Jones don’t know answered I’d already that I again thank you I slice the eggs Benedict fresh and warm to fight holidays is delightful I’d been living on granola the weekend I budget is that they sigh savoring real food while I a Jones introduced his story selecting over this dread cotton local horror convention I held my hand and swallowed a mouthful of toast please see one of biggest worry conventions in the world all right a world horror convention has been stunned by the death of the top authors in the industry Tony Vincent and Emily Litchfield menu Mr. shooter happened to be present immediately after the death of both of them is that correct I nodded as well as coffee so I guess my first question you’re ready asphalt last the toast ready yes thank you is how did you happen to be first on the scene for both deaths that question was very different from what the police and asked me the night before but I’d had time to think of think of a better answer particularly for the media reporters like I said it runs in the family all and then I saw light designs shooter you’re not yes I am I said he’s my dad I see now I know little bit about his life’s all about fairness something is always happening be ready to jump on the story you may be made is what and I making mind I can see that senior YouTube videos fell not not on YouTube course I checked out your blog particularly story on the Dred Kohn curse you don’t really believe there’s a curse do you I held up my hand afraid and you need to ask us to go ask you to go off the record here Jones shook his head is my dearly in an interview for that said I put my coffee down it’s the end of the interview otherwise all right said ostentatiously turning off his recorder he probably had a backup I know I did my was still recording stuff anything I said got out I’d have been dead to rights ruin them for other sources is good enough for me right Jones I said your reporter I’m you cover hard news I cover soft entertainment given my dad is I respect the work you do I also know part of it’s your reputation yet to be trusted by your sources your readers right yes he said but I have a different sort of readers different sort of trust we all love this game now most get a few on the fringe in any economy but 98% of the people here this weekend don’t believe in all the supernatural shed part of the game part of the fun is acting like we do so by answer your question honestly be breaking trust with my readers meaning meaning of course I don’t believe there’s a curse but is getting the flex like I’ve never seen before paying for this trip right now in receipt of this story I’m going to print and the grand Concourse a serious thing I don’t mind if you scoff at it that always that’s part of our game to the outsiders won’t believe see you have my permission to be as skeptical as you want I don’t want to lie to you as I want to get off the record button on the record damn straight there’s a curse Jones looked at me with his head cocked sideways that’s strange way of looking at it but I see a sort of ethics there you’re like it’s like you’re acting and you won’t break character exactly so if you want to continue the interview with that ground healthy happy to now after it’s all calm down and ready mother wasn’t a curse now pretend it never happened but you still have the money in your bank Jones said he crossed his legs well I don’t think it affects the factual accuracy of my reporting you tell me that our report to the fair enough that I nodded and turned back on well if it’s not a curse I said is if I was immediately answered this question I don’t know what else to call it we just lost the authors of 70 novels and one turkey Jones said you have done your research yes and one turkey let’s back the dead not bring that up today so the two leading contenders for the dreadful war dead within 30 hours of each other teams like a curse to me but it could be something else he asked foul play scratch bow lather and that I stared closer and she trying to get me down like he said suspect something criminal I asked criminal or coincidental mail I’ve already read including the Sun-Times that the police are currently considering fences down the side locked room balcony they are said as far from a final answer and I haven’t heard any reports yet Litchfield’s death, I have my sources Jones said it just for friends and so far the only founders Litchfield’s and maids made service see tragic accident on their not thinking and snacks said what Jones reached over an officer Carter turnabout is fair play shooter I don’t want to hear any of this until after enhance the Sun-Times website and I’m embargoed by my source until all right I agreed send me the link when it’s up my blog will you shook his head only if you promise no copy paste you can link and send my site for the traffic agreed reached out and shook his hand police have no suspects yet Jones continued a lawyer named pops up prominently in their discussions I expect that I said no friends remember said no friends but there are bruises Litchfield’s throat and shoulder someone held her under that water until she dropped I kept my word Jones I didn’t let this out but I did tease the story on my blog and in interviews of Armenia there will be new news information about the Dred Kohn curse coming up shortly after the Suez Jones at me as link I pasted it into the story that I had ready to go and hit the publish button my story is dated only seven minutes after his Lunch hour open so I can do site management Valspar thing my traffic spikes through the world I contacted my host them expected to make it so wouldn’t bring my server down I’m on a bargain hosting plan or I had been that was the day I upgraded to premium hosting and a good thing to that spike between noon and one as much traffic as I got in the past year prior to read I couldn’t keep up with the comments much as I tried to ignore the emails that came in in the instant messages everyone wanted to know how I found out I kept the mysterious I have sources my common answer dark sources I’ll be honest in hindsight I feel guilty about it to people he died but that afternoon I was on top of the

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