Where’s Evil Martin?

So 9,400 words in 6 posts in one weekend (boy, I wish I could keep up that pace on my fiction!); and since then, nothing? Where’s Evil Martin?

Well, I do have a day job, plus an hour commute each way. And the weekend’s writing exercises seem to have unjammed something: a story that had sat idle in my brain for going on two weeks has suddenly started flowing. But it flows as voice notes while I drive, recorded on my phone; and now I have to transcribe them all.

But the delays will continue! The next exercise in The Write Stuff is to analytically read or watch everything in my Vibes list.

That’s 77 items.

That’s gonna take a looooooooooooooooooooong time…

But I’m going to start by narrowing it down. Teacher says to concentrate on the big pile in the list, because that’s your natural domain. So I’m going to start analyzing there. So that’s hard science fiction.

Which is still… 17 titles.

That’s gonna take a looong time…

But I’m going to start working through them as soon as I get this story out of my head and into bytes. And I’ll make notes along the way.

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